September 14, 2016


The Markethings Week is the largest marketing event of Brabant. During the Markethings Week, the campus of Tilburg University is dedicated to marketing for a whole week. The Markethings Week is organized for all students who have an affinity with marketing. Within the week there are activities organized for bachelor, pre-master and master’s students, including international students, who study in Tilburg. Because of the informal nature of the week and the campus-wide promotion of the week a lot of visitors are attracted. Students can participate in several workshops, lectures, network meetings, excursions and other activities.

The Markethings Week is the ideal way to get in touch with companies or just to find out more about the beautiful discipline: marketing. The Markethings Week offers something for everyone who is interested in Marketing. For companies it is the ideal event to increase brand awareness among future top marketers!