Q: When are the registrations open?

A: the registrations are now open till the 5th of November 23:59 so sign up now! 

Q: How much will a participation ticket cost?

A: A ticket for the Markethings Week costs €5,-. With this ticket, you can go to all the activities the Markethings Week offers. And last but not least, you can join the exclusive party after the Markethings Week with 100L of free beer!

Q: What kind of activities are offered?

A: Cases, workshops, presentations, trainings and possibly informal activities. This depends on the wishes of the participating companies. Check the headline ”companies” to learn more about which companies are coming and what they do. 

Q: When are the debts collected?

A: The debst are collected every quarter.

W: What is the dress code for the different activities?

A. The dress code is business casual.

Q: Do I have to bring my own lunch?

A. Lunch is not included in the participation fee. Only coffee and tea will be served during the sales training and workshop.

Q: Which activities require a CV to sign up?

A. Only in case you want to go to the business dinner/speeddates. You can add your CV in the subscriptions form.

Q: What if I am unable to attend the event?

A. We are sorry to hear that you cannot attent the Markethings week, would you like to inform us by sending us an e-mail: markethingsweek@asset-marketing.nl.

Note: you can unsubscribe up to a week in advance. After this date, the paid registration fee can no longer be reclaimed).

Q: Can students from all faculties participate?

A. All students can participate in the Markethings Week. Students from all faculties and also the Higher Vocational Education (HBO) students.

Q: How can I stay up-to-date about the event?

A. You can receive all info and latest updates via the instagram account of Asset | Marketing and the Facebook event Markethings Week 2021.

Q: Will the activities be held offline?

Yes, we are happy to announce that the Markethings Week 2021 will be held offline!

Q: What is the location where all activities will be held?

A. You can find all locations here

If your question is not included in the FAQ, please contact us via Markethingsweek@asset-marketing.nl.