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Thursday February 16th – 08.45-12.30– Dutch

Working place issues, oh oooh ..

Have you ever done an internship before? If your answer is yes, you can be comforted by knowing that you were not the only one struggling.

Do situations like “what do I have to do?!” sound familiar? As university students, you usually do not have to intern to gain professional experiences, since the purpose of the university is to educate students into academics.

On the other hand, companies do expect you to have some knowledge about performing more practical business activities. This is where the difficult part comes in: how to apply this theoretical knowledge in a practical setting within the new and changing Marketing Theory’s.

Luckily, you can attend the Markethings Week! Here you can participate in an intensive workshop on how to convert your academic capabilities into practices. In other words, how do I use the learned theory apply into my starting career so you satisfied the sales and marketing departments on your first day?

Don’t wait too long, there are limited places available for this workshop!

Mark Booy