Tuesday February 14th – 9.30-11.00 – Dutch

Our mission is to bring a smile to the Munchy moments of our customers and our employees. We have a huge portfolio with a lot of strong National and International brands with a long history, like Sportlife, King, Xylifresh, Red Band, Venco, Lonka, The Jelly Bean Factory, and other local non Dutch brands.

Working at Cloetta

At Cloetta we enjoy working together in an informal and welcoming culture, we support each other and have fun while taking our responsibilities very serious.

Because of our flat company structure, people here receive a lot of freedom in performing their job. We are able to take a lot of responsibility and execute our role from a to z, making it possible to have a true impact on the business and make a real difference by thinking smart.

Hence, we are an ambitious company. We tackle challenges with our “will do attitude”.

This year, during the Markethingsweek, Jim van Es, Senior Brand Manager, will talk about one of the funnest products we have in our portfolio, the Jelly Beans!

Story of The Jelly Bean Factory                                               

Our Jelly Beans are premium gourmet Jelly Beans produced in 36 different delicious natural flavors. The brand was established in Ireland in 1998 by father and son teaming up. Peter and Richard Cullen pride themselves in creating the most juicy, mouthwatering jelly beans on the planet. All our fruit flavoured beans contain real fruit juices. In fact all of our flavours are carefully crafted to make sure every single one of the 12 million jelly beans we make each day delivers the ultimate gourmet taste experience.

We love what we do and we want to share it! That’s why we’re always inventing new ways for you to enjoy our scrumptious jelly beans.

This lecture offers you as a marketing student the opportunity to have a look in the wonderful kitchen of The Jelly Bean Factory brand. You will get inspired by the story of our recent launch in the Netherlands, our mission, challenges and how we create brand experience to grow.