FJ Producties

Wednesday February 15th – 09.00-10.30– Dutch

FJ is a start-up company that creates videomarketing strategies in order to reach and activate the target audience of their customers. They made video’s for several well-known companies, such as Ahold, KLM and the Bijenkorf.

During their lecture Jasper and Fabian Fraikin (owners of FJ Producties, 23 yrs) will present some of their cases to show you how to develop a successful video marketing strategy. They can teach you everything about branding, conversion, generating traffic, online buzz; and other hot videomarketing topics. This will be done in an interactive setting, so your input is very appreciated! Have you always wanted to know how to think along with a client on a strategic level to develop your idea into a success? These young entrepreneurs are always looking for new talent so don’t be scared to challenge them with your questions!