Meet the team of Markethings Week 2021

From left to right
Coördinator Jack Huijgen & Jorn Verdellen
Secretary Edina Stithaprajna Santhi
Chairman Charlotte Sterk
Operational Affairs Officer Fianne Jansen
Promotional officer Tess Buesink

I have always been fascinated in the field of marketing from high school, where I had the chance to take up business studies as one of my subjects. While studying International Business Administration in Tilburg University, I wanted to put the things that I’ve learnt into practice, whilst gaining and improving other (both soft and hard) skills along the way.  I am grateful and thrilled to be part of the amazing team that organizes Markethings Week and I look forward to seeing you all in November!
Edina Stithaprajna Santhi

I have always been active in organizing events at my study programs and after a busy pre-master I knew what to do, join the Markethings Week committee, The biggest Asset | Marketing event of the year. I think it’s great that I can help organize an event from start to finish. My goal for this event is to get students excited to meet new companies and get to know them better, maybe they will meet their future employer! We are going to make it another great edition with amazing companies. I can’t wait to see you hopefully physically in November, see you then!
– Charlotte Sterk

As a member of the Board of Asset | Marketing, I got the opportunity to coordinate the Markethings Week Committee, which I took with both hands. Helping to organise the biggest marketing-related event in Brabant where other students can discover how marketing is organised in different companies is something I am very passionate about. The goal of this event is to bring marketing students and their future employers closer together, so I hope to see you all in November!
– Elise van Sterkenburg

Since I started my Bachelor program in International Business Administration, I have attended several big business events, where I often enjoyed very inspiring presentations given by managers of multinational companies. So naturally I did not hesitate when I got the chance to coordinate the organization of Tilburg’s biggest marketing event! We expect that this edition of the Markethings Week will take place offline once again, and we are excited to end the COVID-19 period with an even more engaging and impressive edition than previous years!
– Jack Huijgen