Meet the team of Markethings Week 2021

From left to right

Treasurer & Operational Affairs OfficerCharlotte Sterk
ChairmanJanneke Hoenders
CoördinatorsElise van Sterkenburg & Jack Huijgen
External Affairs Officer 
Promotional Officer 

After organizing several informal and formal events for Asset | Econometrics, I got the opportunity to organize the most important event of Asset | Marketing. I took this chance to improve my skills regarding organizing major formal events, in a different field of expertise than my studies. Together with a team of enthusiastic marketing students, we hope to inspire our students together with the participating companies by giving insights in the different fields the marketing sector can offer.
– Hugo Borsje

The first event I visited when I started studying the bachelor IBA at Tilburg University in 2017 was the Markethings Week. The companies presenting during this week amazed me. For a girl who came just out of high school in a small village, it was unimaginable that the Marketing Director of McDonald’s was there to give a presentation. Two years later I got the chance to organize the Markethings Week in a creative and enthusiastic team. I am very excited about this journey and I can’t wait until November.
– Marloes Jennissen

During my bachelor’s at the University of Groningen I visited a couple of career events. It was exciting to see how students and companies challenge each other during such career days. There were students who started their career at a company, just a few weeks after they met during a career day. Now I get the opportunity to organise such an event with the MarkethingsWeek Committee. I hope to see you all in November.
– Max Krekelberg

The reason why I wanted to become a member of the Markethings Week committee is because I wanted to organize an event from the beginning to end and be able to look back on it proudly. Besides that I wanted to improve several skills and also get in touch with companies to orient what I want to do after my master. My goal for this event is that all the participating marketing students will get inspired by the amazing companies who will join us at Markethings Week. I’m really excited and hope to see you all in November!
– Mette de Winter

During my bachelor, I discovered my passion for marketing. To find out where I was interested in, I visited several events at Tilburg University. Markethingsweek was one of them and I was overwhelmed by all the interesting stories of marketing managers of large companies. It is a great opportunity to get a glimpse and to get in touch with ‘the real business world.’ Therefore, I was thrilled to become a member of the Markethingsweek committee so I could help to organise this amazing event. I hope we can help other students in their journey to find their passion!
– Lynn Verschuuren

During my bachelor in international business and Languages, I always pictured myself having a career in International sales. However, it was not until I started my pre-master at Tilburg University that I changed my mind. I noticed that Marketing had much more to offer than I initially thought, and the diversity really appealed to me. Now, I am beyond excited to organize an event where other students can discover how marketing is organized in different companies. I really hope we can help some of you to get some new insights in marketing and I hope to see you all in November! – Sharon Troost
As a member of the Board of Asset | Marketing, I got the opportunity to coordinate the Markethings Week Committee, which I took with both hands. As a Marketing Management student, this is the perfect way to improve my organizational and coordinating skills while realising the biggest marketing event of Tilburg University. Next to that is this a huge opportunity to come in contact with interesting and different companies in the field of marketing. The goal of this event is to bring marketing students and their future employers closer together, so I hope to see you all in November, students and companies! – Max van der Schaft