Some questions that you may still have about the registration for the Markethings Week 2018:

What is the registration fee?
There is a registration fee of €10,-. Not much for an all-access pass to the Markethings Week, if you ask me!

Can I register for more than one activity?
Yes, absolutely! We would love to see you at as many lectures, workshops and informal activities as you can handle!

Where will the activities take place?
All lectures and workshops will take place on the campus of Tilburg University, exact rooms will be announced in your personal schedule. 

Do I have to be present at the activities I register to?
It would not be polite towards the great companies to just not show up. Therefore, you are required to be present at the activities you have subscribed to.
If you are unable to attend an activity that you have subscribed to, just send us an email and we will take care of it. You can do this up to three days before the activity takes place. In case you do not show up we will be forced to place you on the so called Asset Blacklist, which means you will not be able to attend any further Asset | Marketing activities. We absolutely don’t want that, and neither do you of course. So just make sure you are present or cancel on time 😉

No more questions? Good, fill in the form to get access to all Markethings for You!
In case you have more questions, just send us a message at Markethings-Week@Asset-Marketing.nl

See you at the Markethings Week!

*NOTE* Make sure to subscribe in time, because some activities have limited spots! We apply the rule first come, first served