The easiest way to introduce Inbound Marketing? Lets take yourself as an example:
Think of the last big purchase you made.

Now let’s rewind to the very, very first step within your ‘customer journey’: what triggered you, what problem needed solving?
And what did you do at first? (You probably asked around and ofcourse asked our good old friend google)
By doing so you slowly moved from ‘awareness’ to ‘considering’ products and brands and eventually to ‘decide’ at which company to spend your money.
And afterwards you formed and maybe shared your own opinion about the product and the company as well.

Why is this relevant?
– 70% of a buyer journey happens before a customer gets in contact with sales, and almost all of it happens online.
– The value of other customers’ opinions outweighs what brands tell about themselves.
– Platforms play a crucial role in connecting brands to customers, increasingly by reacting on customer behaviour

So, what should we do? We tailor our entire business process to the value the customers is after:
– the needed information & guidance
– in appropriate language & form
– at the right location & time

Welcome to Inbound Marketing: Adding value to the customer so the customer willingly adds value in return.