Marketing is all around us, but do we really understand the person we are trying to sell stuff to? And are we really trying to help this person with solutions he or she needs? A great leadgen strategy and an effective brand awareness campaign all start with understanding the buyer and his/her buyer journey. In this workshop you will learn how this Inbound Marketing strategy works and how you can start your career with a small skill advantage in customer centricity. 
It will be interactive, you will learn something and you will be inspired to do things a little bit more effective than the majority of marketers. 

This workshop will be held in English

Kotak Marketing is an agency for the automating and personalizing of marketing.
We only exist since July 2020, but in a short time we have grown into an agency of 10 professionals that work closely together to achieve our clients’ goals. For the automating and personalizing we create new data-based algorithms or derived variables, use existing data, and test what type of personalization works the best through communication. We love to work in the marketing automation business since there is much to learn and many directions to go to. There is something to learn for everyone. Data engineers, analysts, developers and communication professionals work together and create awesome marketing campaigns.


This workshop will be held in English

Get to know MvH Media via an interesting case on online marketing strategy.

The second markethings workshop of this semester will be about the strategic implementation of online marketing in business.
During this workshop, we will look at facets that are important when using online marketing to help a business achieve its goals and therefore to help them realize their strategy. Thus, you’ll gain relevant insights on how to strategically use online marketing to outperform your competitors.

The workshop will take around an hour, and afterwards there will be a possibility to ask questions and get into contact with representatives from the company.